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I simply wanted to take the time to express how much I enjoy working out at the Racquet Club and Fitness Center. The people are friendly, its clean, enjoyable, personable… I have been a member at many clubs in the past and typically feel awkward and uncomfortable. The HF club is quite the opposite! I set a personal best at a marathon last Sunday and feel its partly due to the training I did at the club.
– Erica J. Sagerman

Try it for a week – that’s all it took for me.
– Michael Panichi

The wide array of workout equipment & options — including classes and personal trainers — keeps me coming back. The facility speaks for itself.
– John Ely, 2007 Major League Baseball draft pick


I grew up in tennis clubs and this is one of the best!
– Tammy Mitchell

There are so many pluses: tons of classes, a pool, tennis, childcare, racquetball and a family atmosphere
– Monique Bibbs

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the club. It had been a number of years since I last belonged to the club and I didn’t remember a lot about my experience. However, this time, I utilized my guest pass and attended a number of classes. They were all superbly taught and were current with trends. I’ve belonged to a number of gyms in Chicago and Denver and HF Racquet & Fitness Club ranks right up there as one of the best I’ve seen.

Keep up the good work. A lot of people are benefiting greatly from your facilities. I’ll be back at Christmas time!
– Andrea Berggren

I am currently a member of another club, but I recently attended an AFAA class at your facility and really appreciated what I experienced there. It was quite refreshing to have employees who care about visitors and their members.
– Cheryl Baker

My name is Shelly Works and I have been coming to Homewood-Flossmoor for the Senior Women’s National Indoor Tennis Tournament since 2000. It is one of my favorite tournaments to play. The staff are so friendly and helpful! The tennis courts are in unbelievable shape! But the best thing about Homewood-Flossmoor Racquet and Fitness Club is the fitness facility. Wow! I am a fitness fanatic and this club has everything anyone could want and they even have those things that one could only wish for!! The facility is so clean and does not have that sweaty gym smell. The equipment and machines are really well maintained. I did not see one machine that was out of service or any equipment that was in disrepair. Quite remarkable for any fitness facility! The pool and whirlpool are like icing on the Cake! Free towel service is the cherry on top!! I just learned that this is a Parks and Recreation facility. This is truly amazing! How very fortunate the members are to have such a superb facility run by the city. The membership prices are too good to be true! It makes me want to move from Texas to the Homewood-Flossmoor area. We have nothing to compete with your facility here in Texas. For what is being offered at the Homewood-Flossmoor facility, we would have to pay at least 2 to 3 times as much in membership fees.

All the players who come to the Senior Women’s National Indoor Tournament comment on what a truly suberb facility Homewood-Flossmoor is. It has tennis, racquetball, a pool, a whirlpool, free towel service, a super fitness facility and a world class staff! We love playing the event and we are so grateful that its members are willing to share their extraordinary facility with us for a week!
– Shelly Works

Personal Training Testimonial
Do you sometimes feel like your workout is getting repetitive and unorganized? Not getting the results you want? Find the free weight area intimidating and not sure if you are using the machines to their full potential? Well I did, and found that Personal Training was a great solution. My trainer, Jill Smith, helped me organize my work out, and showed me interesting and different kinds of exercises focusing on my areas of interest. I now feel confident to enter the free weight area, know what I am doing, and where everything is.

Having your workout documented really helps you keep track and see the results. I have recommended Jill to others and those that tried it are still seeing her today!

Personal Training!!! Give it a try, I did!
– Beth Clayton


  • 2011 FACILITY OF THE YEAR – Chicago District Patrons
  • 2011, 2008, 2000 FACILITY OF THE YEAR – Chicago District Tennis Association
  • 2009 MARY SEELIG TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR awarded to Sylvia Gothard, Racquet Sports Manager for the 4th time, and Nancy Watland, Tennis Program & Team Coordinator, for the 3rd time – Chicago District Tennis Association (CDTA) and the Chicago Tennis Patrons
  • 2008 USTA/Midwest Section Jr. Team Tennis All-Stars
  • 2007-2009 Named one of the top 50 Tennis Welcome Center locations
  • 2006 NRPA GOLD MEDAL AWARD for Excellence in Park & Recreation Management
  • EXCELLENCE IN TENNIS PROGRAMMING – National Recreation & Parks Association and the United States Tennis Association
  • 2005 GOOD SPORTS PROGRAM–TENNISFEST National Recreation & Park Association, Sports Illustrated
  • 2003 EXCELLENCE IN USA TENNIS PROGRAMMING – National Recreation & Parks Association and the United States Tennis Association
  • 2001 MEMBER ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR – United States Tennis Association
  • 2001 ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR – United States Tennis Association/Midwest Section