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Motivation … Education … Accountability!

Personal Training … designed to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Personal training will provide you with a fitness professional whose purpose is to motivate you by setting goals and providing feedback and holding you accountable.  Trainers have experience planning workouts, guiding you through any of the popular diet and exercise trends, helping you pick options for the long term.  The number one priority for a trainer is to get you to your health and fitness goals.

Motivation – the trainer motivates you to continue exercising with a creative and versatile program that is both challenging and progressive.  it is designed to meet your specific goals.

Education – the trainers will also provide education having obtained knowledge beyond basic fitness certifications.  match your specific goals and/or concerns with the right trainer.

Accountability – the trainer will make you accountable to yourself.  You will show up more because you have 1) an appointment; 2) your desire to make or sustain your goals; 3) your sessions are enjoyable.

Extended Training Packages (One-on-One)

# of Sessions 55 Minute Sessions 30 Minute Express Sessions
5 Sessions $210 ($42/Session)
10 Sessions $400 ($40/Session) $270 ($27/Session)
20 Sessions $740 ($42/Session) $500 ($30/Session)

Partner Training (55 Minute Sessions Only)

# of Sessions New Client Package Extended Training Package
10 Sessions $270 ($27/Session) $250 ($25/Session)

Note: Any package with an Advanced Personal Trainer incurs an additional fee.

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The H-F Racquet & Fitness Club is a  private club and membership is required.

Also Available At The Club:

  • Advanced Personal Trainers
    All trainers on staff are ACE and AFAA certified.  The Club also has Advanced Personal Trainers, who have excelled in secondary certification, hours of experience, peer leadership and industry involvement for an additional fee.
  • Small group training is available for three to four participants




You have joined the club…NOW WHAT!!

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what to do now. We have the answer!

Introducing our new Jump Start Your Fitness program!

 The JumpStart program consists of two 45-minute appointments with one of our certified personal trainers.

First your trainer will evaluate your current level of fitness and work with you to set fitness goals. Next, your trainer will create a personalized sample routine based on the results of your fitness assessment to point you in the right direction to improving your health and fitness.

You get all this for only $49

Questions?? Call Sandi at 708.799.1323 ext. 1150