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» Junior Group Lessons

Junior group lessons consist of 3 sessions


6U Lessons

Emphasis is placed on having fun, improving motor skills and handeye coordination. Student will learn basic send/receive skills and rudimentary racquet skills. Introduction to good sportsmanship

Club membership not required. 


8U Lessons

The focus of this class will be on having fun while working on send/ receive skills, athletic development and learning to rally over the net. Expanded sportsmanship and working together.

Club membership not required.


9U & 10U  Lessons (Beginner)

Participants will toggle back and forth between 60’ courts and regular courts to hasten skill development and their understanding of the sport. They will also learn cooperative and competitive tennis skills and be expected to have an understanding of good sportsmanship.

Club membership required.


9U & 10U Lessons (Adv. Beginner)

Players in this group should be more advanced than those in the Beginner 1 Group. Players should be able to sustain a rally with the pro. This in not a first time group. Good sportsmanship mandatory.

Club membership required.


13U Lessons (Beginner) Age 11 – 13

Players will have fun while learning cooperative skills along with athletic and tennis development.

Club membership required.



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